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Interrobang Studio's Pocket-Rivals Kickstarter & Behind-the-Scenes Blog
2016-06-25 15:12:00 by Sarah
Pocket Rivals' BETA edition card game has been a huge success!  We've successfully taken our 2-player strategy card game to 12 events and 7 states over the span of 6 months. Kind and excited folks who love a good competition have played Pocket Rivals with us, given us their feedback, and we're ready to use that feedback to make the REAL DEAL.  (Have feedback you'd like to give? Here's the link.)

Sarah's writing an ongoing blog called the KickKickBangBang Blog, chronicling our first Kickstarter adventure (we've never done this before!)  She is posting it on our Patreon feed as a free-to-the-public, don't-have-to-pledge, anybody-who-wants-to-follow-is-welcome narrative.  There's a ton of pre-planning that goes into any Kickstarter, so we're starting the blog now--well before the fund raising goes live on Kickstarter--so you can follow along. If you've ever been curious about how it all works, thought about doing some crowdfunding for a project of your own, or just like to watch total n00bs try something for the first time, we invite you to check out our progress.  

Find out more about Pocket Rivals and watch the Demo here!
Follow us on social media at FaceBook @Interrobang Studios, Twitter @Interrogang, & Tumblr @InterrobangStudios.
If you want to read the Blog for free, it's all posted here.
If you want to see all Kevin's final Pocket Rivals art before the Kickstarter and check out the hidden Patreon posts, consider joining our Patreon Party!
(No pressure though! The KickKickBangBang Blog is free!)

Have a great summer--hope we get to talk with you soon! <3
--Sarah & Kevin

Any questions, please email at