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Interrobang Studios BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!
2015-01-09 07:01:00 by Sarah

We're throwing an Outrageous Online Art Party--and you're invited! Come on out for our Interrobang Studios Patreon Party Page.

What's our party got? OH, just an advance look at the cover for our NEW BOOK: the long-awaited INTERROBANG STUDIOS PARODY PARADE PAPERBACK! You heard right! This is not just a staple-bound comic issue, but a full on spine-bound trade paperback of more than 150 pages of full-color heart. We’re publishing a full collection of our parody material: It Sucks To Be Weegie, Watchbabies, Fair-Haired Adventure Seekers, Wookie-Ookies, and loads more of our one-shot parody strips--PLUS TEN more pages of brand new parody comics.

We’ll keep you updated here, promise! Heck, we're going to post 6 of those new strips right here on the website for the next 6 Fridays! But we’ve started our Interrobang Studios Patreon Party Page to be able to share so much more of what’s happening behind the scenes. We’ll be documenting the book creation and releasing advance comic art and really bringing you into the process. What do you say, will you join us?

News is functional again!
2014-11-08 02:04:00 by Blake
While we don't have all of the news features on-line, we have most of them, and that's a big deal. Hooray!

Ensign Sue Every Friday!
2014-07-15 02:00:00 by Sarah
Once more with feeling!  Ensign Sue returns for her latest, epic adventure by Clare Moseley and Kevin Bolk. When we last left our heroes, they were a house divided: Captain torn from crew, Ensign Sue torn from love, and the Doctor torn limb from limb.  Caught in the jaws of a mind-boggling higher-power, the situation was grim!  What will become of the crew?  Who will save the Doctor?  Will Kirk do all his own stunts?!  Find out more every Friday as we build to the massive, multi-fandom climax of ENSIGN CUBED: Crisis of Infinite Sues!